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Sheriff deserved a raise for service to community

This is in response to a letter to the editor in The News the week of January 6, 2022. So, the sheriff got a raise. Great, good for him! In this sad time of “big cities” defunding the … more

Ernst condemns Democrats protecting the right to vote

In a recent speech on the Senate floor Senator Joni Ernst decried Democratic efforts to protect the right to vote. Ernst claimed the Democrats are “using fake hysteria… to blow up the … more

Thank you, Bob Dole and Veterans

It was with great pleasure and nostalgia, watching the services for the great Senator Bob Dole from Kansas, who passed away at age 98. It was all so emotional and gut-wrenching — from … more

Covid Vaccinations

Received my third Covid vaccination and that gives me some sense of comfort. Statistics show that vaccinated people on the whole, if they do contact the virus, do not die or require hospitalization. … more

Is Mid-Prairie prepared for a mass casualty event?

In light of recent school shootings I have to wonder how well prepared the Mid-Prairie school district is prepared for a mass casualty event? I met last year with a few district leaders and one thing … more

Questions that aren’t being asked about vaccinating your children for COVID-19

There’s more than one way to hide the truth. Omitting key pieces of information can be just as damaging as telling an outright lie. Did you know that… According to the CDC, as of … more

We must act on climate change right now

Whether we realize it or not, our planet and our future wellbeing is in jeopardy. The planet is getting warmer. That is a fact. It is not a matter of opinion. This has been causing and will … more

“When the Republicans talk tax cuts, grab your wallet”

Republicans in the U.S. Senate like Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley like to tout the tax cuts of 2017 as good government in action. We were told by Trump that they would be “rocket fuel for the … more

Reinstate the Mid-Prairie mask mandate

As a mother, grandmother, retired health care provider and longtime member of the Mid-Prairie community, I have always been proud of our school district’s level of commitment to education. … more

Vaccination isn’t a political decision, it is a medical decision

We buried my older brother today; not because he had been sick, but because what should have been a simple medical decision got twisted into a political debate. And he, like thousands of others, … more

Why should we be penalized for working hard for our country?

I am a retired federal employee writing to raise awareness of the devasting effects of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) experienced by nearly 2 million people. This policy reduces the earned … more

Reynolds does not protect Iowa’s most vulnerable

The governor has repeatedly made statements attempting to show human interest in Iowans, but her actions show otherwise. More than 2,000 Iowa nursing home residents have died from Covid, even more … more

Isolation isn’t a perk for a small town

Sometimes people seem determined to cut their own throats. Case in point, people in Lone Tree worry they may lose their small school to consolidation. The solution they see is to encourage … more

The city of Washington does not honor its promises

In 1923 the city asked for permission to come across a small strip of our land to access their new sewer plant. This was reaffirmed in 1957. Now they want to build a bypass road and abandon the … more

Agent Orange awareness

August 10, 1961 is the date thought to be the first day the herbicide known as “Agent Orange” was sprayed in Vietnam. Operation Ranch Hand — involving the widespread use of the … more

Thank you for your service!

I would like to thank three special groups of people. The law enforcement officials, the volunteer fireman and the first responders. The law enforcement officials put on their uniforms every day … more

Iowa needs more housing assistance

The clock is ticking for 30,000 Iowans.  Just as school is about to begin, thousands of Iowa families who lost their job or income during the pandemic are now facing eviction. While the … more

Conspiracy theories harm democracy

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump you must agree that he is a masterful user of the conspiracy theory to manipulate public opinion. Before the 2016 election he was chirping about voter fraud … more

Thank you, Iowa DOT

With all the confusion and turmoil we experience in our land, we still have people who go above and beyond the call of duty. The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has done a tremendous job … more

Wellmark: High premiums, poor care

Wellmark knows how to profit. Increasing premiums every year helps. For instance, Iowans on individual grandfathered plans are paying $2,000 a year more on premiums than they were five years … more
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