Lone Tree, Hillcrest, and Highland battle it out at the Ekstrand Relays

By Giovanni Coronel
Posted 5/3/23

Over a dozen schools took the wayward trip to Wayland to compete in the annual Ekstrand Relays on April 27. Taking place near WACO high school at Roth Field this relay was bustling with local area …

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Lone Tree, Hillcrest, and Highland battle it out at the Ekstrand Relays


Over a dozen schools took the wayward trip to Wayland to compete in the annual Ekstrand Relays on April 27. Taking place near WACO high school at Roth Field this relay was bustling with local area high school athletes.  Among the schools who showed up to compete at this CO-ED meet were Lone Tree, Hillcrest, and Highland. 

Competition was separated between Class A and Class B divisions and the Lions, Huskies, and Ravens all competed in Class B. 

On the girls side Danville emerged as meet champions in Class B with a score of 131 and on the boys side WACO came out on top of Class B with a score of 164.


Lone Tree Results 

The Lady Lions put up another stellar performance this season, finishing in second place in Class B with a score of 118. Lone Tree and Danville were the only schools in Class B to score above 100.

Winning three events during the relays the top performances for Lone Tree came from Rylee Shield, Vivian Zaruba, Ava Christofferosn, Riley Krueger, and Sophie Bell.

The team of Zaruba, Christofferson, Krueger and Shield continue to show how fast they can be in the 4x100, taking first place with a time of 52.03. 

In the sprint medley the team of Bell, Zaruba, Shield, and Christoffeson finished ahead of everyone else to win gold with a time of 1:54.95. 

Shield won the only individual event for the Lady Lions. She emerged victorious in the 200 meter dash with a time of 27.59, just topping the second place time of 27.65. 

For the Lone Tree boys they finished the night with 52 points, which gave them 6th place in Class B. 

Ethan Bockelman posted one of the best finishes for Lone Tree during the Relays. Bockleman’s time of 54.38 in the 400 meter dash was fast enough to give him third place in the event. 

Another strong performance for Lone Tree came from Andrew Hotz. Competing in the discus event Hotz’s farthest throw traveled 107-01 and this earned him third place. 


Hillcrest Results 

The Hillcrest girls team ended the relay with 22 points, placing them in the last spot of nine teams in the Class B rankings. 

Despite the dour notion that placing in last place conveys the Ravens still performed quite well in Wayland, with six new personal bests being set during this meet. 

Hillcrest sophomore Delaney Shaw would give the Ravens its top placement of the day in the 400 meter dash. Shaw would only be beaten by one other competitor in this 14 person event, earning a runner-up placement with a time of 1:08.21.

In the same event Hillcrest sophomore Erin Bontrager would set a new PR with a time of 1:18.25, this time would also give her 10th place.

Finishing in fifth place in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:56.86 was Hillcrest freshman Claire Withrow. This time was also fast enough to now be Withrow’s new PR in the 800. 

Two more PR’s would be set by junior Anna Torok and Bontrager. Torok’s new PR of 30.59 gave her sixth place and Bonttrager’s new PR of 32.41 was good enough to take ninth place. 

Torok also set a new PR in the 100 meter dash with a time of 14.48. This time placed her in eighth place, right behind teammate sophomore Morgyn Nafziger who placed seventh with a time of 14.23. 

The Hillcrest boys team saw some new faces participate. Newcomers Mason Bender, Isaac Birky, Bryce Bailey, and already established runner Jesse Blossom would give Hillcrest enough bodies  to compete in the relay events. 

This team of four would race in the 4x100, the distance medley relay, and the sprint medley. They finished the 4x100 in sixth place with a time of 53.13, the distance medley relay in fifth place with a time of 4:27.58, and the sprint medley in sixth place with a time of 1:57.63. 

Blossom would also race in the 800 meter run, placing fifth with a time of 2:32.12. Hillcrest would end the meet tied for seventh place in Class B with six points.


Highland Results 

Highland’s girls track and field team would end the meet with 87.50 points. These points would be enough to give the Huskies a third place finish in the Class B division rankings. 

The Huskies would take the gold in five events with its top performers being junior Sarah Burton, freshman Siena Stanerson, senior Jessica Kraus, Lilly Barre, Lorelei Lueck, and Mackenzie McFarland. 

Burton continues to showcase her immense talent during this season’s track and field meets, securing first place finishes in the 100 meter dash and the long jump. She outran everyone in the 100m with a field of 18 competitors with a time of 13.15 and she out leaped everyone in the long jump with a field of 11 competitors with a jump of 17-07.00.

She wasn’t the only Huksie to earn gold. Stanerson outraced all the competition in the 1500 meter run to take the top spot with a time of 6:07.47. 

Kraus would continue that winning feeling for Highland, taking gold in the discus event. Her first place throw traveled 87-11, just beating the second pace throw of 87-05. 

The Highland boys team would end the meet tied for seventh place in the Class B division after obtaining six points. 

Those points for Highland came from junior Jackson Schneider who placed fifth in the 110 meter hurdles with a time of 20.27 and freshman Elvin Hernandez who placed fourth in the long jump with his farthest jump being spotted at 15-05.25.

Girls Class B Division Results

100m: 1, Sarah Burton, Highland, 13.15; 4, Ava Christofferson, Lone Tree, 13.57; 5, Mackenzie McFarland, Highland, 13.81; 7, Morgyn Nafziger, Hillcrest, 14.23; 8, Anna Torok, Hillcrest, 14.48; 14, Emma Slaughter, Lone Tree, 16.42. 

200m: 1, Rylee Shield, Lone Tree, 27.59; 5, Katelyn Waters, Highland, 30.23; 6, Anna Torok, Hillcrest, 30.59; 9, Erin Bontrager, Hillcrest, 32.41; 13, Bella Pourry, Lone Tree, 34.40; 14, Shauna Sublette, Highland, 35.23.

4x100m relay: 1, Lone Tree (Vivian Zaruba, Ava Christofferson, Riley Krueger, Rylee Shield), 52.03; 2, Highland (Lilly Barre, Sarah Burton, Katelyn Waters, Mackenzie McFarland), 53.31; 6, Hillcrest (Morgyn Nafziger, Anna Torok, Erin Bontrager, Delaney Shaw). 

400m: 1, Alaina Gourley, Danville, 1:01.33; 2, Delaney Shaw, Hillcrest, 1:08.21; 6, Lindsay Werbach, Lone Tree, 1:15.09; 8, Erin Bontrager, Hillcrest, 1:18.26; 9, Grace Prybil, Highland, 1:19.85; 10, Hailey Netser, Highland, 1:21.15; 12, Lilly Mills, Lone Tree, 1:23.51.

4x200m relay: 1, Highland (Mackenzie McFarland, Lilly Barre, Sarah Burton, Lorelei), 1:53.10.

800m: 1, Alaina Gourley, Danville, 2:29.35; 2, Vivian Zaruba, Lone Tree, 2:41.47; 5, Claire Withrow, Hillcrest, 2:56.86; 7, Avery Pierson, Highland, 3:08.85; 8, Delanie Graap, Lone Tree, 3:08.97; 11, Halle Hazelett, Highland, 3:26.67.

1500m: 1, Siena Stanerson, Highland, 6:07.47; 2, Jazmine Nino, Lone Tree, 6:08.62; 7, Lilly Mills, Lone Tree, 7:02.80.

4x800m: 1, Danville, 11:02.17; 2, Lone Tree (Avery Lisk, Delanie Graap, Sophie Bell, Bella Pourry), 12:15.14; 4, Highland (Siena Stanerson, Laney Skelton, Hailey Nestor, Avery Pierson), 12:45.94.

800m medley relay: 1, Lone Tree (Sophie Bell, Rylee Shield, Vivian Zaruba, Ava Christofferson), 1:54.95; 4, Highland (Kealy Roberts, Grace Prybil, Lorelei Lueck, Katelyn Waters), 2:07.85; 5, Hillcrest (Anna Torok, Delaney Shaw, Morgyn Nafziger, Erin Bontrager), 2:08.46.

100m hurdles: 1, Keetyn Townsley, Winfield-Mt. Union, 16.94; 2, Riley Krueger, Lone Tree, 18.18; 4, Adelynn Kleopfer, Highland, 18.40; 6, Mackenzie Davis, Highland, 18.76; 11, Ella Buser, Lone Tree, 21.02.

1600m medley relay: 1, WACO, 4:50.25; 4, Lone Tree (Alyson Ford, Jazmine Nino, Cate Sexton, Sophie Bell), 5:09.36; 6, Highland (Kealy Roberts, Siena Stanerson, Hailie Hoppman, Shauna Sublette), 5:31.45. 

4x100m shuttle hurdle relay: 1, Winfield-Mt. Union, 1:12.28; 2, Lone Tree (Cate Sexton, Avery Morarie, Lindsay Werbach, Riley Krueger), 1:18.53; 3, Highland (Halle Hazelett, Adelynn Kleopfer, Brena Hazelett, Mackenzie Davis)m 1:19.67. 

400m hurdles: 1, Alexis Dietsch, Danville, 1:13.00; 4, Mackenzie Davis, Highland, 1:20.43; 6, Brena Hazelett, Highland, 1:38.89.

Long jump: 1, Sarah Burton, Highland, 17-07.00; 3, Delaney Shaw, Hillcrest, 14-10.75; 4, Avery Morarie, Lone Tree, 14-06.00; 5, Anna Torok, Hillcrest, 13-07.75; 6, Cate Sexton, Lone Tree, 13-05.00; 11, Hailie Hoppman, Highland, 10-03.00.

High jump: 1, Ema Roberts, HLV, 5-02.00; 3, Riley Krueger, Lone Tree, 4-08.00; 7, Hailey Netser, Highland, 4-04.00; 8, Kealy Roberts, Highland, 4-04.00.

Shot put: 1, Josephine Moore, Sigourney, 31-00.50; 3, Hayden Yoder, Lone Tree, 30-04.50; 7, Sami Branson, Lone Tree, 27-07.75; 9, Jessica Kraus, Highland, 25-07.25.

Discus: 1, Jessica Kraus, Highland, 87-11; 2, Alex Dautremont, Lone Tree, 87-04; 3, Hayden Yoder, Lone Tree, 80-06.

Boys Class B Division Results: 

100m: 1, Simeon Reichenbach, WACO, 11.64; 4, Drew Gauley, Lone Tree, 11.88; 10 Owen Knox, Highland, 14.22; 12, Brayden Zywiec, Highland, 15.09.

200m: 1, Ayden Doyle, Danville, 23.15; 4, Ethan Bockelman, Lone Tree, 24.55; 6, Emmett Burke, Lone Tree, 24.81; 13, Owen Knox, Highland, 28.00; 17, Brayden Zywiec, Highland, 34.26.

4x100m relay: 1, WACO, 46.36; 3, Lone Tree (Tyce Alt, Ethan Bockelman, Harry Brenneman, Emmett Burke), 47.93; 6, Hillcrest (Jesse Blossom, Mason Bender, Isaac Birky, Bryce Bailey), 53.13; 7, Highland (Owen Knox, Brendan Schnoebelen, Jackson Schneider, Elvin Hernandez), 54.88.

400m: 1, Brody Sternhagen, HLV, 52.87; 3, Ethan Bockelman, Lone Tree, 54.38; 5, Drew Gauley, Lone Tree, 55.90.

4x200m relay: 1, WACO, 1:38.15; 3, Lone Tree (Domonic Garcia, Braxdyn McAtee, Gabe Forbes, Brody Magruder), 1:42.91. 

800m: 1, Rylan Martin, New London, 2:11.85; 5, Jesse Blossom, Hillcrest, 2:31.12; 7, Brendan Schnoebelen, Highland, 2:40.69; 9, Joey Birtcher, Lone Tree, 2:51.24.

800m medley relay: 1, Danville, 1:39.19; 5, Lone Tree (Maddox Jondle, Domonic Garcia, Brody Magruder, Harry Brenneman), 1:47.97; 6, Hillcrest (Jesse Blossom, Mason Bender, Isaac Birky, Bryce Bailey), 1:57.63. 

1600m medley relay: 1, Winfield-Mt. Union, 3:49.28; 5, Hillcrest (Jesse Blossom, Mason Bender, Isaac Birky, Bryce Bailey), 4:27.58; 6, Lone Tree (Grey Spilman, Domonic Garcia, Emmett Burke, Maddox Jondle), 4:30.43; 8, Highland (Elvin Hernandez, Jackson Schneider, Owen Knox, Brendan Schnoebelen), 4:44.09. 

400m hurdles: 1, Cale Westerbeck, New London, 59.78; 7, Reece Holbrook, Lone Tree, 1:11.84; 8, Jackson Schneider, Highland, 1:17.31.

Long jump: 1, Simeon Reichenbach, WACO, 19-01.50; 4, Elvin Hernandez, Highland, 15-05.25.

Shot put: 1. Boston York, HLV, 41-06.50; 9, Jack Patterson, Lone Tree, 30-01.75; 11, Spencer Thompkin, Highland, 24-09.50; 14, Brody Sobolik, Highland, 16-00.00. 

Discus: 1, Oleh Shtefanchuk, WACO, 143-10; 3, Andrew Hotz, Lone Tree, 107-01; 9, Jack Patterson, Lone Tree, 89-01; 12, Brayden Zywiec, Highland, 76-04; 13, Keaton Van Schoyk, Highland, 59-07.