Vicki Ann Latzer

1953 - 2021


Vicki Ann Latzer, of Kalona, died Oct. 30, 2021, after a long illness. There is no memorial at this time. Donations in her member may be made to American Diabetic Research.

She was born Dec. 14, 1953, the daughter of Navy Chief Petty Officer William and Jytte Lowrey, while stationed in San Diego. The family moved to Hawaii when it became a state. They moved to Sebastopol, California where she attended high school.

Vicki was a free spirit born in the time of free love. She lived her life on her terms and never looked back. Vicki enjoyed making people laugh, having a good time with friends and family. She never turned down a good meal. Her cats meant the world to her and she always had them around.

Growing up in California and living some time in Hawaii after high school, she eventually moved to Iowa and met her future husband, Don Latzer.

Living in Iowa then moving back to California, she longed to get back to the simple life Iowa gave. Here where she could have horses and run in the field.

She is survived by her son: Josh Hill; sisters: Linda and Charlotte; and brother Keith Lowrey; nephews: Darrel, Robert and Jared Dupret; and longtime friend: Cecil Nejedly.

A special thank you goes out to Scott Emery for taking care of our sister and giving her the best life she could have these last few years.