Lone Tree council hears of potential UI project


A University of Iowa associate professor presented the Lone Tree City Council with a local project Monday evening, June 6.

Travis Kraus, an associate professor at the University of Iowa, came to the meeting to discuss a potential local project that would include a group of graduate students collaborating with the city of Lone Tree and its city council in a capstone project.

Kraus explained that the students would work with the public to see what the community wants from the city and from the city council. He explained that Lone Tree is ideal for the location of the project, but that there’s no rush and that they can always plan for it to be in motion the following year.

There were no further updates on the Wastewater Treatment Plan, and there has been one application submitted for community dining. Members of the board said that they want to “re-vamp” the community dining. 

The city council discussed how they will fill the council vacancies. The council explained that any interested parties should apply and come to the next city council meeting being held.

The next Lone Tree City Council meeting will be on July 11 at city hall.


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