Pleasantview seeks donations for bus


By now you probably are aware of the cancellation of our annual Pleasantview Benefit Sale.

Of course, we’re not alone in cancelling longstanding community events. More than likely every person reading this is involved in such activities. So, I don’t pretend to tell you that cancelling our benefit is somehow unique, or worse than every other event not happening.

Nonetheless, our benefit does matter. It matters to the residents of Pleasantview, where I am privileged to work among more than 100 other persons to bring love and care to those “living in community.”

My hat is off to our nursing department; our dietary staff and housekeepers; our maintenance crew, activities staff, chaplain, social worker, business department, and administration. We all work together to ensure that in the absence of family members being able to visit with their loved ones face-to-face, we are caring for them.

The activities may be adjusted and the social aspect of living here may be different. But I can assure you they are deeply loved and cared for. We do, however, long for the day when you as family members can once again communicate much more personally.

We also long for the day when we can use our bus to take our residents on outings. Outings to senior dining, shopping trips, and other off-campus activities. Those events always elicit smiles and conversations among those who participate!

But there is a slight problem with that, even if we could safely engage in such activities right now. You see, our bus no longer functions properly, and we need a new one.

We have a newer bus picked out. The proceeds from our benefit sale were going to go toward the purchase of this 2018 bus that seats 20, and also has five wheelchair positions.

We are still asking for funds of support, with the realization and sensitivity to the fact that the pandemic has affected the financial standing of many.

For those of you who wish to support our efforts, please know that we will still appreciate your contributions toward this project.

You won’t be buying an in-home meal or gift card to your favorite restaurant. You will not be purchasing a block of cheese or ring of bologna. We’re not selling quilts or other hand-made items, nor will you enjoy a turkey steak dinner or all-you-can-eat pancakes.

You will be supporting our efforts to help our residents enjoy “healthy living and quality of life,” as our mission statement indicates.

We are halfway to our goal of $65,000. Will you please consider a contribution?

There are several ways in which you can share of your resources, one of which is a simple check payable to Pleasantview and sent to 811 3rd St. in Kalona. Another is by making an online gift via our website: Please scroll down the home page to the “Donate” tab and follow the instructions.

While both options are encouraged at any time, we’re also doing a two-day fundraising blitz on Nov. 6-7, the original dates for our benefit. Please consider an online gift then; we will provide updates throughout both days on our Facebook page.

Thank you in advance for your consideration; our residents, families, and staff thank you!


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