Pleasantview in the Community


Recently we changed our logo and tagline at Pleasantview; it was a timely move. We’ve experimented and utilized a number of catchphrases over 63 years, and this time we kept coming back to the concept of “community.”

Little did we know in starting the process that community would play such a big role in our daily lives in 2020. As no doubt so many other businesses and individuals have experienced, we have humbly received the generosity of so many in not only our local community, but from those outside the immediate area.

Early in the pandemic, churches and Sunday School classes began crafting homemade masks for our staff. From there it took off. Food and financial support were the visible forms of support, along with notes and cards of encouragement and other acts of kindness. In the absence of physical visitations, we felt both the frustrations and the encouragement of family members, with the latter FAR outweighing the former! Please know that on behalf of the entire staff at Pleasantview, we thank you all for your love and acts of kindness!

Window visits and car visits became the norm throughout the spring, summer and fall. In a very untimely fashion, try as hard as we may, it was inevitable that the virus would force its way into the building…and it did just that on November 9. While numerous staff members had tested positive since March, it wasn’t until that Monday in early November that residents became infected.

Our staff dug deeper to find the energy and resolve to slow the spread. Fatigue and adrenaline were the norm, and yet complete care and love were extended 24/7 to our residents.

Unfortunately, a number of our residents succumbed to the deadly COVID-19, and their absence is deeply felt. The normal aging process also took the lives of other residents, and we mourn their loss as well.

We are thankful for the residents we continue to serve, and the families who have entrusted the care of their loved ones to us. We continue to provide some of the best care around, as evidenced by our 5-star status across the board. In case you’re wondering, that is the highest marks a long-term care facility can receive!

In lieu of our Benefit Sale in November, we held an alternative fund-raiser: a direct mail appeal to help us purchase a new coach to better transport our residents once the pandemic is over. The cost was approximately $65,000. The fund-raiser, which also included a turkey steak event during “A Taste of Fall,” netted more than $68,000! God’s goodness was once again evident!

We continue to make plans to expand our facilities, and you will continue to hear and read updates. So many of our community has already supported this project, and we will continue to rely on the generosity of many.

Is it any wonder “community” is at the forefront of our mission?

Our new logo is colorful and simple, including the phrase “Pleasantview…Living in Community.”

Thank you for ‘living community’ with us!


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