Kamala Harris says her campaign is a fight for justice


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris made a campaign stop in Washington on Saturday morning.

Speaking to a packed house at Mills Seed Company, Harris talked about how she plans to fight for justice in her campaign.

“We’re in a fight,” Harris said. “This is a fight for our democracy; this is a fight for our system; this is a fight for the rule of law.

“The question is ‘how are we going to win?’ I think to win that we have to be focused on the people because what’s at stake is so much more than getting rid of Donald Trump.”

She detailed the different types of justice she is fighting for and how she plans to address them.

“I believe in 2020 that justice is on the ballot,” she said.

On economic justice, she said she plans to put in place “the greatest middle class tax cut we’ve had in generations.”

She explained that, in her plan, families that make less than $100,000 a year will get a tax credit of up to $6,000 a year that they can take home up to $500 a month.

For healthcare justice, Harris talked about her plan for Medicare for All, which she said will not involve a middle class tax hike.

She also said it is important for people to have the option to keep their private plans if they want.

“I’ve heard from too many folks in Iowa and everywhere else who say, ‘Kamala, don’t take away my choice. I want the choice of whether I have a private plan or a public plan,’” she said.

Regarding justice for children, Harris discussed implementing gun safety laws.

“We need reasonable gun safety laws, that includes universal background checks,” she said. “If Congress fails to act, I will issue an executive order a comprehensive background check requirement and a ban on the importation of assault weapons into our country. It’s time for action.”

Harris called the lack of justice for mental health “one of America’s biggest public policy failures.”

“When we talk about healthcare, it’s not just the body from the neck down, it’s also from the neck up,” she said. “I truly, truly believe that when we address these various injustices in our country, that is the moment we have the potential to unlock the promise of America.”


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