Johnson Co. mailings about unreturned absentee ballots may be outdated


Johnson County voters may have received a recent campaign mailing stating that their absentee ballot has not been retuned, but this mailing included outdated information. Campaigns regularly purchase lists of voters who have not returned their ballot but may not use this information in a timely matter. Therefore, voters might receive a mailing indicating an unreturned ballot even if they have already returned their materials.

The Johnson County Auditor’s office continually checks in ballots as they are received from the post office or drop boxes. Voters can check the status of their ballots using the Secretary of State’s tracker at The site generally updates overnight.

If you cannot track your ballot on the Secretary of State website, contact the Johnson County Auditor’s Office at 319-356-6004.

The outdated mailing also directed voters to date the signature on their ballot. While this does not hurt anything, it is not required. The Johnson County Auditor’s Office directs voters to follow the instructions mailed with the ballot by their office.


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