Highland School District reflects on the start of the school year

By Ken Crawford


Finding the good in everything is a tough task at times. But to sit down and reflect — we can find a lot of good happening in the Highland School District. We have had a ton of changes thrown at education these past seven months. It has been dizzying and frustrating, but our community, staff and students have handled everything amazingly well.

We are asking the community to fill out a needs assessment survey we have posted on our website at highlandhuskies.org. We are open to suggestions on ways to improve and to hear about how Highland Schools is benefiting students and the community. Please take the time to go out to our website and respond. Thanks in advance.

Probably our biggest issue has been bus drivers. We are short drivers, which has made our bus routes longer and a bit cramped. We ask if anyone in the community can drive a bus, knows someone who can drive a bus, or is willing to get certified as a bus driver to contact the school. This is a critical need for a lot of school districts in the state, but three more drivers would really solve the headaches for the district.

Our activities have been outstanding. All three fall sports have been able to get all their games in without someone testing positive or because of quarantining. They are getting ready for the post-season very soon. What is new this year is that all football teams make the playoffs.  Since everyone did not get a full nine game schedule, the state will set up teams in pods and let them play out that pod for a winner. This will make for an interesting post season.

Our new playground at the elementary is enjoyed immensely by the students.  Not a lot is being said about the playground, but it has been a great addition to the school and community.

We are still in a pandemic. So, we are requiring everyone to wear a mask to help stop any mass quarantining if possible. All grade levels have done a great job of working with students of all ages to carry out that responsibility. A few months ago, this process seemed impossible. Sadly, it is now routine.  Teachers and parents have worked exceptionally well together to make this happen.

We are always thankful for the support we receive from parents and the community. We will continue to thrive as we head closer to the winter months. 


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